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You’ve thought about purchasing a modern Best Laptop Under 50000 for some time but are undecided. You want the best combination of performance, size, plus battery life.

To help you, we’ve produced a majority of the Best Laptop Under 50000 within India 2022. All of this will enable you to select the best option for your needs. With no further ado, here seem to be our top 11 suggestions!

1. Lenovo Ideapad Slim 3

 This same IdeaPad Slim 3 seems to be a fantastic laptop for the money and one of the Best Laptop Under 50000 within India in 2022. Featuring 250 nits display brightness, this screen’s new thin-bezel layout is innovative in just this price category, delivering a better spectator experience.

So have a portable option that weighs merely 1.65 kg and has a strong personality to match your design. Their battery life has been praised by many consumers, as well as the ability to charge quickly is a significant benefit. ₹38,500 is its price in India.


  • Strong and durable construction
  • Amazing value
Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3 Specifications
Display Size 15.6 Inches
Display resolution 1920×1080 pixels
Touchscreen Yes
Processor Core i3
OS Windows 10
Hard disk 1TB
Weight 1.70 kg


2. Mi Notebook 14

Consumers looking for a lightweight but multifunctional machine can choose the Mi NoteBook 14. Some other excellent picks for Best Laptop Under 50000 within India in 2022. The laptop’s Intel Core i5 – 10210U processor has four processors plus eight threads.

Anti-Glare protection has been applied to the device’s 14-inch screen, durable and resistant against reflections and other such. Whereas the Mi Notebook doesn’t have a built-in webcam, it does come with a carefully crafted camera that slides over the screen with ease.


  • Lightweight and durable, as well as stylish
  • Graphics performance is improved.
  • Battery life is adequate.
Mi Notebook 14 Specifications
Display Size 35.56cm
Display resolution (1920×1080)
Touchscreen No
Processor i5-10210U Processor
OS WIndows 10 Home
Hard disk
SSD 256GB / 512GB SATA 3 SSD
Weight 1.50 kg


3. 15s HP

This HP 15s featuring AMD Ryzen 5 3500U CPU is an excellent alternative if you want to push your company to greater heights. With such a 15.6-inch screen and a quad-core processor operating at 3.7 GHz, the HP 15s seems to be a beautiful plus fast notebook. HP 15s is a good option if you’re searching for the Best Laptop Under 50000 in India in 2022.


  • SSD improves booting as well as app loading times.
  • There is plenty of room to preserve your documents.
  • High Definition of anti-glare display
15s HP Specifications
Display Size 15.6″ diagonal
Display resolution (1366 x 768)
Touchscreen Yes
Processor i5-1035G1
OS Windows 11 Home (64-bit)
Hard disk 1 TB 5400 rpm SATA HDD
Weight 1.69 kg


4. Realme book

 When talking about the best Laptop Under 50000 in India around 2022, it’s tough not to mention the new Realme Book. With such a 2K display as well as a 3:2 aspect ratio, this Realme Book (Slim) boasts a gorgeous screen. An 11th generation Intel Core processor plus 8GB of RAM is also included in the baseline model.

This same Realme Book’s design – develop quality is particularly impressive. It is without a question one of the greatest laptops available in this price category.


  • Stunning design
  • Excellent trackpad plus keyboard
  • Excellent 2k display
  • Consistent results
Realme book specifications
Display Size 14 inches
Display resolution 2,160×1,440-pixel
Touchscreen No
Processor Intel Core i3-1115G4 Processor
RAM 8GB dual-channel LPDDR4x (3,733 MHz)
OS Windows 10 Home Edition
Dimensions 228.96 x 307.21 x 14.9 mm
SSD 256GB/512GB SSD Storage
Weight Approx. 1.38 kg


5. ASUS VivoBook K15 OLED

This Asus VivoBook K15 OLED seems to be the company’s most recent offering, and it’s another option in the Best Laptop Under 50000 segment. It is indeed one of the very few laptops within that price range that ships with only an OLED display. The 15.6-inch display on the laptop includes Full HD with a maximal brightness of 400 nits.

The fingerprint scanner, a lighted keyboard, as well as other features are included. These nano-edge bezels on the K15 OLED notebook give it the x-factor. Regarding personal use and schools, the VivoBook K15 OLED is a no-brainer.


  • Elegant design
  • Excellent performance
  • Affordably priced
  • Num-key sleek keyboard with backlighting
ASUS VivoBook K15 OLED specifications
Display Size 15.60-inch
Display resolution 1920×1080 pixels
Touchscreen No
Processor Ryzen 5000 Series
OS Windows 10
Hard disk 1TB
Weight 1.80 kg


6. HP 14s

This newest HP 15 costs a little more than $50,000, however, the newest Ryzen 5 5500U more than makes up for that. Plus, if you acquire this laptop during one holiday season and take advantage of certain limited-time specials, you could easily fit it into your budget.

  • Design and construction excellence

 Overall design from this year’s HP 15 hasn’t been altered significantly. So, I suppose I’m good with it; that is not how it ought to change with time. Even though the laptop’s complete body is constructed of plastic, it is fairly durable.

This HP 15 is perfectly adequate for everyday use, and also the laptop appears and needs to feel pretty nice. Whether you plan to operate the laptop in such a professional setting, the overall simple style will attract you.

  • Performance

Overall performance of both the HP 15 is possibly the greatest in this budget range, owing to the recent Ryzen 5 5500U processor. The above Hexa-core CPU with a base clock frequency of 2.1 GHz destroys practically any work you put at it. These laptops could handle practically everything, from producing 4K videos to playing AAA games in 1080p.

Of course, users won’t get the finest experience imaginable, but the fact that you really can already play the game over an included GPU is still noteworthy. I wouldn’t recommend going overboard, though, because you might have heating troubles. This display panel seems to have maximum visibility of 250 nits, which would be adequate for indoor use but dims when used outside.

HP 14s Specifications
Display Size 14.00-inch
Display resolution 1920×1080 pixels
Touchscreen Yes
Processor Core i3
OS Windows 10 Home
Hard disk 1TB
Weight 1.53 kg


7. Lenovo ThinkPad E495

The ThinkPad series from Lenovo is designed for power users. Those laptops have the excellent build quality and have passed numerous tests before being released on the market. This model is ideal for your 50,000 budget and comes with a comprehensive spec sheet.

This ThinkPad notebook’s Ryzen 5 3500U CPU allows it to multitask with ease, making it a Best Laptop Under 50000 and the perfect laptop for students and workers around 50,000. This same ThinkPad’s 8GB RAM runs at a frequency of 3200MHz; it boasts an AMD Radeon Vega 3 dedicated graphics card plus 8GB DDR4 RAM. Such minor enhancements provide this laptop a significant advantage whenever it relates to resource-intensive programs.

Thinkpad computers are known for having the greatest keyboards, and this was no exception. Most keyboards on most tiny computers are unpleasant to operate, and not with the Lenovo ThinkPad. This key travel length is just right, and the keys have a quality feel to them. Only one flaw in this otherwise flawless keyboard is the lack of backlighting.

ThinkPad has various unique and fascinating features in addition to the standard functions. This TPM 2.0 chip constantly encrypts key passwords as well as data, and you might just additionally protect yourself with fingerprint recognition. The above model does not include Windows 10, which is everything that many customers anticipate from a laptop. However, if you have some previous experience, downloading an OS that you enjoy shouldn’t be too difficult.


  • Exceptional processor
  • Strong and well-constructed
  • Reader for fingerprints
  • The battery backup is excellent.
Lenovo ThinkPad E495
Display Size 14 Inches
Display resolution 1920 x 1080 IPS Display
Touchscreen Yes
Processor 2.3 GHz AMD Ryzen 7 3700U Quad-Core
OS Linux, Windows 10, Windows 10 Pro, Windows OS
Hard disk  1 TB
Weight 1.75 kg


8. Dell Inspiron 3583

 Without the need for a Dell laptop, the above list would indeed be imperfect, well here it is. And there are numerous reasons why this laptop should be your future or first laptop. Such a style of the laptop is what I refer to as a “mass laptop,” but there are several reasons for this.

The most important argument is its adaptability. As you can see from the chart, this laptop seems to have the i5 8th generation processors, 8 GBs of RAM, a 2 GB AMD GPU, and just a 1 TB HDD, making it a laptop for everyone, as it is suitable for students, young professionals, as well as casual gamers alike. As a result, there’s a good chance this is the laptop you’re looking for.

Another excellent feature of such a laptop is Dell’s mobile connection technology, which allows you to sync your android or Ios smartphone to your computer and view all of your smartphone notifications on your laptop display.

However, there is one aspect of this laptop that I dislike: its design. Although you can see, it has several thick bezels, lowering the screen-to-body ratio significantly. Nevertheless, this is just my point of view, and it may not constitute an issue for you.

Dell Inspiron 3583
Display Size 15.6 inches (39.62 cm)
Display resolution 1920 x 1080 px
Touchscreen Yes
Processor Intel Core i5 (8th Gen) Processor
OS Windows 10 Home Basic
Hard disk  1 TB HDD
Weight 2.01kg


9. Acer Aspire 3 A315

Acer pushed above and above with this laptop, making it the greatest laptop on that list. That laptop has a 10th-generation Intel Core i5 processor, which is probably the most compelling reason to buy it. Anticipate no spectacular performance differences between the 8th and 10th generation Intel i5 processors.

Although there is a big difference between both two, if you’re purchasing a new laptop, opt again for the best. Another best thing about 10th generation Intel processors is that they have longer battery life because they are lower power-hungry than previous Intel CPUs. Although this laptop doesn’t arrive with a pre-installed SSD, it would provide an extra slot in case you would like to upgrade.

This display on this laptop gives me complicated emotions. Acer BlueLightShield innovation, which saves your eyesight from strain, plus Acer color intelligence, which ensures correct color creation, were two features I enjoyed. Laptops using 10th generation processors are more elegant and thin, as evidenced by this laptop.

Acer Aspire 3 A315
Display Size 15.60-inch
Display resolution 1366×768 pixels
Touchscreen No
Processor Core i3
OS Windows 10 Home
Hard disk 500GB
Weight 2.10 kg



Avita, even though being a lesser-known brand, has given clients high-quality laptops and Best Laptop Under 50000. This PURA model is an incredibly small and light laptop that weighs about 1.34 kg. You’ll rarely have to worry regarding laptop lag with only an AMD Ryzen 3-3200 processor.

Regarding lag-free performance, it boasts an AMD Radeon Vega 3 dedicated graphics card plus 8GB DDR4 RAM. It also comes with a 256GB SSD for super-fast transfer speeds and low battery consumption.


  • This 14-inch full HD monitor is included.
  • It features a 0.9 MP webcam inbuilt-in.
  • It features an eight-hour battery backup.
  • Its processor’s speed can be increased to 3.5 GHz.
  • The laptop is available in nine distinct color combinations.
Display Size 8th Gen – 14″ (35.56 cm)

10th Gen – 14″ (35.56cm)

Display resolution  (1920 x 1080) IPS with 178 degree wide viewing angle
Touchscreen No
Processor Intel Core™ i3-8145U Processor

Intel Core™ i5-8265U Processor

Intel®Core™ i3-10110U Processor

Intel Core™ i5-10210U Processor

OS Windows 10 Home (S mode)
Hard disk Yes
SSD 128GB / 256GB / 512GB SSD SATA M.2
Weight Starting from 1.344kg / 1.35kg


11. Coconics Enabler Celeron N4000

 Do you even have a limited spending budget? Searching for an excellent laptop for your children’s online education in India? We’ve got you covered! Colonics Accomplice Pentium N4000 comes with everything you’ll require to perform the process. It has an Intel Pentium N4000 dual-core processor and 64GB eMMC memory.

If necessary, the processors can be cranked at approximately 2.6 GHz. A camera, Wi-Fi, plus Bluetooth connection are also included. You may be quarantined due to the outbreak, but education must continue!


  • It has 2 high sound speakers built-in.
  • It has 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM inside.
  • The screen is 11.6 inches high Definition IPS.

Brand: Coconics Enabler Celeron N4000

Display             11.6 inches CPU CPU CPU CPU
CPU              Intel Celeron N4000
GPU             Intel UHD Graphics 600
RAM              4 GB LPDDR4


Coconics Enabler Celeron N4000
Display Size 11.6 inches
Display resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels
Touchscreen No
Processor Intel Celeron N4000
OS Linux
Hard disk 64 GB
SSD Optional M.2 SSD 2280 support
Weight 990 g


Features of Best Laptop Under 50000 

  • How do you pick the finest laptop for less than 50,000?

 First, figure out what kind of laptop you’ll require for your work. If you require it for professional purposes: purchase a high-end laptop: Whether gaming and editing, For minimum and academic work, indulge in a games Best Laptop Under 50000; for minimum and student job, opt for a cheap laptop. Gaming computers, for example, rarely have long battery life.

  • Platform

There are 3 key operating systems for laptops. The 3 most popular operating platforms on laptops were Microsoft, Chrome OS, as well as macOS. Choosing the finest one is an issue of personal choice. If you possess the financial means, I would choose macOS above Windows.

  • Laptop Dimensions

Another important factor to think about when buying a computer is its weight. The most commonly used screen sizes are 15.6 and 14 inches. A 13- and the 14-inch display will suffice for little laptops, but just a 15.6-inch display will suffice for a larger display. Best Laptop Under 50000.

  • CPU

The central processor unit (CPU) is indeed the brain of the machine. Make sure you pick the most important and current choice that suits your requirements.

  • Card for graphics

The majority of students using a basic laptop will not have extra graphics processors. Additional graphical cards are only seen in gaming computers and few high-end laptops can boost overall performance.

  • Time between charges

Another important benefit for individuals who do not require to be connected almost all of the time is energy life. For minimum and academic work, indulge in a games laptop; for minimum and student jobs, opt for a cheap Best Laptop Under 50000. Keep in mind that high-powered laptops possess a short lifespan. Have an Apple MacBook Express with just an M1 CPU for the best battery capacity, which could last roughly two days.

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