10 Ways how to say I wish in Spanish

how to say I wish in Spanish

There are many ways how to say “I wish” in Spanish – in this article, you will learn 10 of them! When you are looking for the perfect Spanish translation for a word that means “I wish,” it’s easy to find some online or in the dictionary. how to say I wish in Spanish. You might think, “How hard can it be?”

Learn how to say I wish in Spanish, with the appropriate translation of each sentence. There are many expressions you can use in Spanish to express your wishes for a specific outcome. Learn about 10 simple ways to wish for good luck in Spanish. Sometimes you might have a desire to say something in Spanish but don’t know-how. Well, look no further! Here are 10 ways to say “I Wish” in Spanish so that you can communicate your desires more effectively with people across the globe.

Diffrent Ways how to say I wish in Spanish

  1. Ojalá
  2. Espero que
  3. Me alegro de que
  4. Espero que me lo permitas
  5. Te espero con ilusión
  6. Te deseo todo el éxito en tu proyecto
  7. Espero poder ayudarte pronto
  8. Espero poder acompañarte en tu viaje
  9. Quédate tranquilo, lo encontraremos
  10. Que Dios te bendiga
  11. Te quiero mucho
  12. Te quiero feliz
  13. Te quiero contento
  14. Te quiero bien
  15. Te quiero con todo mi corazón
  16. Que tengas una excelente semana
  17. Muchos besos para ti
  18. Que tengas una agradable jornada
  19. Que el día sea bonito y tu vida feliz
  20. Que las cosas mejoren
  21. Te quiero (I love you)
  22. Espero que me acompañes (I hope you come with me)
  23. Nos vemos en el futuro (See you later)
  24. Espero que seas feliz (I hope you are happy)
  25. Que tu día sea maravilloso (May your day be wonderful)
  26. Que tengas una feliz Navidad (Wish you a happy Christmas)
  27. Que seas una persona feliz (May you be a happy person)
  28. Que la vida te sea noble (May life be kind to you)
  29. Feliz Día de Acción de Gracias! (Happy Day of Thanks!)
  30. Que tu día sea feliz y hasta pronto! (Have a happy day and see you soon!)
  31. Que Dios te bendiga – God bless you
  32. Te quiero mucho – I love you
  33. Felices para siempre – Happy forever
  34. Que suerte tienes – Good luck
  35. Que tengas una semana muy feliz – Have a very happy week
  36. Que lo disfrutes todo – Enjoy everything
  37. Que seas siempre feliz – May you be always happy
  38. Muchas gracias – Thank you
  39. Que seas feliz y salga adelante – Be happy and succeed
  40. Te quiero
  41. Te deseo
  42. Yo te quiero
  43. Te deseo de todo corazon
  44. Te quiero mucho
  45. Te quiero infinito
  46. Que Dios te bendiga
  47. Que sea feliz
  48. Que tu vida sea perfecta
  49. Que seas feliz y que nunca mueras

More Ways how to say I wish in Spanish

  1. There are many different ways to say “I wish” in Spanish. Here are a few examples:

— Deseo

— Que piense

— Espero que…

— Espero que me guste

— Espero que no tengas miedo

— Espero que te diviertas

— Espero que te encuentres bien

2.  There are many different ways to say “I wish” in Spanish. Here are a few examples:

-Quería que… – I wanted/would have liked to…

-Aún me gustaría que… – Even though I still wish…

-Aún no he podido dormir Porque me he pasado la Noche Pensando en ti… – Even though I couldn’t sleep because I spent the whole night thinking about you…

-Te Deseo que… – I wish you would/could…

3. There are many different ways to say “I wish” in Spanish. Here are a few examples:

-Quería que…

-Estaría bien que…

-Habría sido mejor si…

4. You can also use expressions of gratitude when you want to say “I wish”:

-Gracias porque…

-Muchas gracias por…

In Spanish, there are many different ways to say “I wish.” Here are a few examples:

-¡Qué Dios me ayude!- This is a very common expression that means “Gratefully, God help me!”

-Que Dios me lo permita- This expression means “May God allow it” or “That God let it happen.” It is used when someone wishes for something that may not happen.

-Gracias a Dios- This phrase means “Thank you, God.” It is usually used after someone has done something good and they want to thank the deity for their help.

There are many more expressions that mean “I wish,” so be sure to learn them all!

When you want how to say I wish in Spanish there are a few more ways to do so than just “gracias.” Here are a few examples:

“Que Deseo” – This Means “What Do You Wish?” and is used more as a question. For example, if you want to buy something but don’t have the money yet, you might say “Que Deseo comprar esto.” This shows that you’re interested in buying the item, but you need some extra money first.

“Que Bueno es que…” – This phrase means “What A Good Thing That…,” and is used when something good happens. For example, if your friend calls and says they’re coming over for coffee, you might say “Que Bueno es que tu amigo vino.” This shows that you’re happy your friend called and that coffee sounds great.

In Spanish, there are many ways to say “I wish.” Here are a few of the most common ones:

  1. Te Deseo Felicidad – This phrase means “I wish you happiness.”
  2. Te Quiero mucho – This phrase means “I love you.”
  3. Siempre estarás en mi memoria – This phrase means “you will always be in my memory.”
  4. Espero que… – This phrase means “I hope….,” and is used when wishing for something to happen.


In this concluding article, we will explore some of the most popular ways to say “I wish” in Spanish.

Use los deseos to express your desires:

“Quiero que seas un gran amigo.” – I want you to be a great friend.

“Feliz cumpleaños.” – Happy birthday.

“Gracias por tu ayuda.” – Thank you for your help.

In this blog post, we have shared some how to say I wish in Spanish that you can use to express your wishes politely. These words will help you say goodbye, congratulations, I’m sorry, and many other things. Remember that when speaking Spanish, it is important to use the correct form of the verb for each situation.

For example, if you are saying goodbye in Spanish, you should say adiós. how to say I wish in Spanish. However, if you are wishing someone a happy birthday, you should say Feliz cumpleaños.

Thank you for reading our blog post!

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