upcoming web series 2022 in India and movies in 2022-2023

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For new movies and long-awaited adaptations, the last several years have been crucial. upcoming web series 2022 in India. However we all remember how that ended, don’t we? The great news is it seems we’ve officially started a fresh year, which will offer everything from crime to magic, drama, and humor, as well as other films that we’re all waiting for.

Even though the coronavirus disease appears to have a significant massive effect on the film industry, Hollywood will prosper to thrive throughout 2022. With it in our brain, we take a glance ahead toward the movies we anticipate seeing in theatres this year. We’ll keep updating this site because more dates but also trailers for each of such 2022 films become available, quite check back frequently!


The terrifying mask has reappeared for a fifth installment. Scream (also called Screaming 5) is a scary thriller film from the United States that follows the story of a string of gruesome killings 25 years ago. This time, however, a fresh murderer had assumed the Ghostface disguise and is targeting a group of youngsters to resurrect mysteries from Woodsboro’s (the city in which the first movie is situated) bloody past.

That 2022 Hollywood flick will come as no shock if you’ve seen Squid Games and Just saw it. This movie, however, would be a terrifying flashback for fans of the Scream series.

Death on the Nile

Put your investigative hats on with this enthralling 2022 crime mystery. Dying upon that Nile is predicated on Arthur Christie’s 1937 book of the identical name. It informs the tale of a strange killing just on S.S. Karnak (a traveler ship) but all the accused on board.

This film appears to be a classic crime mystery from the start. The celebrity cast appears to be extremely good, and the idea that it’s based on one of the best mystery novels is comforting.

Kathiawadi Gangubai

Throughout 2022, there will be an Indian historical crime thriller film worth seeing. Gangubai Kothewali, the very young girl, is sold into a prostitute by her lover Ramnik Lal throughout this story. What renders this narrative noteworthy is that the Ganges quickly establishes her domain and emerges Gangubai, a madame within Kamathipura’s red-light district.

The teaser for the forthcoming Bollywood movie in 2022 suggests that it will be an enormous blockbuster. The prospects of a disappointment are slim considering Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s enormous set, engaging tale, and great casting.


Bruce Wayne, Arkham City’s vigilante, and recluse billionaire is returning, and so this time he’s carrying a little more punch. The 2022 movie is a relaunch of both the DC Batman series, following The Riddler with his perilous games of the cat as well as a mouse (with Cat Woman thrown in for good measure).

Additional bloodshed, violence, and darkness can be seen in the trailer. I’m excited (and a little skeptical) about seeing Robert Pattinson inside the role of Batman, however, if Matt Reeves plays his hands well, this blockbuster film would be fantastic.

Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Mysteries

The Fantastic Animals and Where to Find Them franchise is officially making its way to the Hogwarts University of Witchcraft as well as Wizardry with a magical mission to preserve the realms! This 2021 WB (Warner Brothers) movie will examine the deepest mysteries of our revered headmaster whilst prepping for a battle against Gellert Grindelwald’s forces and would be a followup that 2018’s the Atrocities of Grindelwald.

This is among the most anticipated movies of 2022 for Harry fans. It promised action, a large screenplay, as well as plenty of magic in addition to exploring Dumbledore’s biography.


Here’s a look at a 2022 Hollywood film with a big budget plus an intriguing story. Brahmastra is a Hindi-language superhero film that takes place over two time periods. The main tale takes place in modern times, and Shiva, a youthful man with abilities, goes 3000 years backward in history through the pre-Mahabharata period to study weaponry such that the Brahmastra so order to complete a task within the present.

The preview looks good, and the notion that the upcoming 2022 film will star Amitabh Bachchan, Ranbir Kapoor, plus Alia Bhatt is exciting.


A man having a rare blood illness tries a hazardous cure that turns him into a vampiric vampire! This film will be inspired by Michael Morbius’ Marvel books and is among the most anticipated superhero movies of 2022.

It’s the birth of new another super-villain from Roy Thomas as well as Gil Kane’s trove of comics. The teaser, to be honest, is rather remarkable. Beethoven’s music, which serves as the

movie’s dominant mood, astounded me. It’s still too early to tell how the supporters will react. Because Jared Leto was starring, I’d want to believe it will be among the best films of 2022.

upcoming web series 2022 in India 2022-23 

Lets look into the whole information regarding the latest web series 2022.

Home Shanti

That is an anticipated family comedy web series featuring Supriya Pathak as well as Manoj Pahwa inside the major roles, it’s about them constructing their dream house. The story depicts the obstacles that must be overcome.

The online series will premiere exclusively via Disney + Hotstar from May 6, 2022. Click out this page for more information regarding the series plus how to view it free. upcoming web series 2022 in India

Pet Puraan

Pet Puraan is just a family comedy web series that is among the most eagerly anticipated in Sonyliv’s list of new web series for 2022. Dnyanesh Zoning helmed as well as Ranjit Gugle created this new show. upcoming web series 2022 in India

Fiction fans are eager to learn the Dog Puraan Release Dates And Schedule so they may watch the film internet. Before you do that, scroll below to learn more regarding the Dog Puraan film. This forthcoming web series will premiere on May 6, 2022.

Season 4 of Stranger Things

Stranger Things is indeed an American science fiction teen horror television series that premiered around July 15, 2016. This is the most anticipated program of 2022, and it’s extremely popular amongst teenagers, having three seasons and high IMDb scores. Stranger Things 4 will hit theatres in 2022. That’s a dark, thrilling, and terrifying show that’s also received critical accolades.

Season 2 of Delhi Murder on Netflix

This second episode of Delhi Murder has been revealed, and it is among the most successful online series available on Netflix. This forthcoming Bollywood web show 2022 is reportedly based upon the true story of a gang assault crime that occurred throughout South Delhi in 2012. upcoming web series 2022 in India

The first season also won the prize for the Exceptional Drama Series, making it the only tournament to do so. There’s a crime, romance, and even an anthology within this new Hindi web show from Netflix. The movie was created by Richie Mehta, who also wrote as well as directed it. Laurence Bowen with Toby Bruce created the show Delhi Crime.

Ashram Season three

MX Player’s Monastery is one of their most popular online series, and we’re all looking forward to the third episode. The very first two episodes built anticipation for the trio, as well as the online series, according to performer Bobby Deol, “invigorated the mood around Bollywood.” upcoming web series 2022 in India.

There is currently no official news on that third version, but people are eagerly anticipating it. upcoming web series 2022 in India

Ali, the agent

Agent Ali and Ejen Ali is indeed a Malaysian cartoon series that already had 2 seasons and manages to attract young audiences. Although there exists a significant interval between Seasons 2 as well as 3, the desire for Seasons 3 was so overwhelming that the creators chose to break into this public request and release Season 3. Whereas the show’s advert and a sneak peek at the musical score have been released, the show’s official premiere date has yet to be announced. The Agent Ali online series is set to air in early 2022. upcoming web series 2022 in India


Baymax, the cartoon healer, as well as his escapades, are well-known to Big Heroes 6 viewers. Baymax will shortly get his web series, which will be available through Disney+ Hotstar. This online series will focus on Baymax’s personality and his future exploits. The trailer has already been released, and the show is planned to premiere in the summer of 2022! upcoming web series 2022 in India.

Louder as well as Prouder: That Proud Family

The Brave Family: Stronger as well as Prouder is indeed a new web series arriving soon on the Disney channel Hotstar. Whereas the release date for the animation web show is unknown, it is expected around February 2022. The Proud House: Louder, as well as Prouder, continues the original animated sitcom The Happy Family comprised of 3 series. According to the show’s synopsis:

They’ve become louder and much more confident – because they’re on their way! Penny Proud’s regular existence as she traverses grown up inside a rowdy environment with a caring mother and an overprotective father. upcoming web series 2022 in India.

The Terminal List

The Death List is indeed an impending Amazon Premiere new show. The suspense web miniseries is inspired by the same-named Jack Carr book. Although Amazon has not yet announced a launch date for the show, it is expected to premiere in late 2022. The show centers around Henry Reece (Chris Pratt) when his whole platoon among Navy SEALs is attacked while conducting assion, according to the official synopsis. Reece goes home to his parents with mixed recollections of the incident and doubts about his responsibility. upcoming web series 2022 in India.


1. What are the  upcoming web series in May on Amazon Prime Video?

Answer- Some of the best online series ever made in India can be found on Amazon Prime Video. Now, the OTT platform has revealed a slew of new interesting projects, including the return of several web shows for the next season. Here is a list of upcoming web series going to stream on Amazon Prime:

  • The Matrix Resurrections
  • Saani Kaayidham
  • Man of the Match
  • Modern Love Mumbai
  • The wilds season 2
  • Night Sky
  • The Unsolved Murder of Beverly Lynn Smith (Season 1)

2. What are the upcoming  Web Series on Netflix?

Answer. The list of upcoming web series 2022 in India on Netflix is as follows:

  • Stranger Things Season 4
  • Thar
  • Decoupled
  • Delhi Crime season 2
  • Masaba Masaba Season 2
  • CAT
  • The takedown
  • Senior Year
  • Mismatched Season 2
  • Jamatra Season 2
  • Savage Beauty 2
  • Hold Your Breath: The Ice Dive
  • Cyber Hell: Exposing an Internet Horror

3. What are the upcoming movies in 2022-23?

Answer- The upcoming movies in 2022-23 are:

  • Scream
  • Death on the Nile
  • Kathiawadi Gangubai
  • Batman
  • Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Mysteries
  • Brahmastra
  • Morbius
  • Prithviraj
  • Doctor G
  • Ek Villian Returns
  • Tejas
  • Ram Setu

4. What are the 10 upcoming unmissable Web Series?

Answer. We have listed out a few unmissable web series for you:

  • Panchayat Season 2
  • Stranger things season 4
  • Loot
  • Only Murders in the Building Season 2
  • House of the Dragon
  • Delhi Crime Season 2
  • Jamtara: Sabka Number Ayega Season 2
  • Marvel Zombies
  • Adhura
  • Lovestruck High
  • The great Indian Murder

5. What are the newly released movies and web series in 2022?

Ans- The newly released movies and web series in 2022 are:

  • Gomorrah
  • Better Call Saul Season 5
  • The first Lady
  • Bhaukaal 2
  • Human
  • Gehraiyaan
  • Rocket boys
  • Sharmaji Namkeen
  • Moon Knight
  • Stories of Wit and Magic
  • Rudra: The Edge of Darkness
  • No Time to Die
  • Jalsa
  • Pushpa
  • The Fame Game
  • The Great Indian Murder
  • Gangubai Kathiawadi
  • Bestseller

Upcoming Movies and webseries in May 2022

Release Date Title Platform Genre
06May 22 Cinema Cinema Action, Fantasy
02 May 21 Top Gun Cinema Action, Crime
12 May 22 The Matrix Resurrections Amazon Prime Action, Sci-Fi
13 May 22 Sneakerella Hotstar Comedy, Family
13 May 22 Modern Love Mumbai Amazon Prime Love
20 May 22 Escaype Live Disney Plus Hotstar Crime, Mystery
20 May 22 Panchayat Season 2 Amazon Prime Drama
16 May 22 The Hunt (English) Netflix Horror, Suspense
20 May 22 Love, Death and Robots: Season 3 Netflix Sci-Fi, Thriller

Upcoming Web Series and Movies in June 2022

Release Date Platform Platform Genre
03 Jun 22 Maidaan Movie Cinema Sports, Drama
June 8, 2022 Ms Marvel Disney Plus Hotstar Action
June 22, 2022 Umbrella Academy Season 3 Netflix Fantasy
June 22 Cat Netflix Thriller
June 2022 Qala Netflix Drama
June 2022 Kathal Netflix Drama
June 2022 She Season 2 Netflix Drama
June 2022 Made in Heaven Season 2 Amazon Prime Drama

Upcoming Web Series and Movies in July 2022

Release Date Title Platform Genre
08 July 22 Ek Villain Returns Movie Cinema Action, Romantic
June 2022 Delhi Crime Season 2 Netflix Action

 Upcoming Web Series and Movies in August 2022

Release Date Title Platform Genre
21 Aug, 2022 House of the Dragon Disney Plus Hotstar (HBOMax) Fantasy
2022 Monica, O My Darling Netflix Movie
25 Aug 22 Liger Movie Cinema Action, Romantic

 Upcoming Web Series and Movies in September  2022

Release Date      Title Platform Genre
2 Sept 22 Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power Amazon Prime   Thriller
09 Sept 22 Brahmastra Movie Cinema Action, Fantasy


 Upcoming Web Series and Movies in October 2022

Release Date Title Platform Genre
2022 Finding Anamika Netflix Drama
05 Oct 22 Tejas Movie Cinema Action, Drama

 Upcoming Web Series and Movies in November 2022

Release date Title Platform Genre
2022 Panchayat Season 2 Amazon Prime Action
November2022 The Crown Season 5 Netflix Drama
04 Nov 22 Shehzada Movie Cinema Action, Drama
11 Nov 22 Yodha Movie Cinema Action, Thriller
25 Nov 22 Bhediya Movie Cinema Action, Horror

 Upcoming Web Series and Movies in December 2022

Release date Title Platform Genre
Dec 2022 Smashing Simmba Netflix Animation
09 Dec 22 Pippa Movie Cinema Action, Drama


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